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November 2018

How Lumen Is Using Regenerative Hemp Farming


Cannabis has plenty of nutrients, something that we are discovering more about as it becomes more legally available around the world. Hemp, a cannabis variety lower in THC, is similarly high in beneficial compounds. Like

How Lumen Is Using Regenerative Hemp Farming2019-02-06T10:41:06-08:00

March 2018

Top 3 Cannabis Bath Soaks


It all started with flower. Then came cannabis edibles. Then cannabis drinkables, concentrates, salves, rubs, and a myriad other products. As anyone who’s been to a dispensary lately can testify, cannabis is finding its

Top 3 Cannabis Bath Soaks2018-03-12T17:24:55-07:00

January 2018

Infographic: Mondelez And Its Chocolate Empire


Formerly known as Kraft Foods (oh the irony), Mondelez peddles a host of food products that are bad for you. See infographic for some of their brands. The majority of their products, including chocolate, contain

Infographic: Mondelez And Its Chocolate Empire2018-03-05T12:06:19-08:00

Infographic: “Craft” Beers Owned By Heineken


Heineken, the huge Dutch brewer, has recently upped its acquisition game to keep pace with its competitors. Like AB Inbev, Heineken owns many “national” brews around the world from Haiti to Ethiopia to Laos. Heineken

Infographic: “Craft” Beers Owned By Heineken2018-03-12T21:57:50-07:00