Top 3 Cannabis Bath Soaks

It all started with flower. Then came cannabis edibles. Then cannabis drinkables, concentrates, salves, rubs, and a myriad other products. As anyone who’s been to a dispensary lately can testify, cannabis is finding its way into many everyday products. We recently tried out a new product that we’d seen a lot of lately: cannabis bath soaks (“soak” is the preferred term since “bath salt” conjures up all sort of nasty connotations of dangerous synthetic drugs ). We evaluated half a dozen of bath products available in California that use organic ingredients. Here are our favorites:

How We Evaluated Them

After a long day at work and a tough workout, I would take a bath infused with one of these cannabis bath salts. I also controlled my experiment by taking a cannabis soak  after a normal day at the desk. I assessed each soak on the following criteria on a 1 to 5 scale, with 5 being the highest possible rating.

  • Muscle tension and pain relief
  • Aroma
  • Quantity (in one container)
  • Softness of skin
  • Quality of Ingredients

**Just to be clear, when used as instructed, cannabis soaks do not get you high**

Our Top 3 Cannabis Bath Soaks

1. Octavia Wellness “Soak”

  • Muscle tension and pain relief: 5
  • Aromas: 3
  • Quantity in one container: 5
  • Softness of skin: 5
  • Quality of Ingredients: 4

Ingredients: Epsom salt, whole plant cannabis extract, oatmeal, honey, etheyl alcohol

What does it do?

This cannabis bath salt is the most effective I tried in relaxing muscle pain and tension. I put a quarter of the jar in a warm bath, soaked for 15 minutes and went straight to bed after a tough day of intense workout.

Octavia Wellness Cannabis Bath Soak - Craft Sense

2. Papa & Barkley Releaf Soak

  • Muscle tension and pain relief: 5
  • Aromas: 4
  • Quantity in one container: 4
  • Softness of skin: 3
  • Quality of Ingredients: 5

Ingredients: dead sea salt, whole plant cannabis flower resin 3:1 THC CBD, lavender essential oil

What does it do?

The added lavender essential oil made this product standout. The pleasant aromas were a great complement to the deep relaxing effects. However, although they smelled nice, the essential oils were a tad too thick for my preference.  On the other hand, if you’re looking for feeling like someone at a fancy spa just massaged you, Papa & Barkley Releaf Soak is the way to go.  

Papa Barkley Bath Releaf - Craft Sense

3. Golden Goddess Aphrodite

  • Muscle tension and pain relief: 3
  • Aromas: 5
  • Quantity in one container: 3
  • How my skin feels afterwards: 4
  • Quality of Ingredients: 5

Ingredients: Epsom salt, organic chamomile, organic lavender, hemp CBD oil, organic essential oils (bergamot, clary sage, rosewood leaf)

What does it do?

It is hard to single out one ingredient that makes Golden Goddess’ Aphrodite bath soak great. There are many elements to this product that relaxes you and works well with the CBD, especially chamomile and lavender. This product comes in a little sachet with all the ingredients in it, making it easy to clean up after your bath. Simply hook the sachet on your faucet and run hot water over it.

Golden Goddess Bath Soak - Craft Sense