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Infographic: Mondelez And Its Chocolate Empire

Formerly known as Kraft Foods (oh the irony), Mondelez peddles a host of food products that are bad for you. See infographic for some of their brands. The majority of their products, including chocolate, contain high amounts of sugars, chemical preservatives, and trans-fats. Mondelez says they dropped trans-fats in the early 2000s. However, the USDA labeling laws allow companies to label their products with 0.5g of trans-fat per as “0 grams”, despite evidence that trans-fats are not safe to consume in any quantity.

Everyone knows that Chips Ahoy, Oreos, and snack crackers from Nabisco aren’t healthy choices. Mondelez rakes in about $25 billion in revenue per year. However, did you know that this behemoth of a company also owns Green & Black’s chocolate? One of the first organic, ethically-sourced chocolate companies with wide distribution, was acquired by Cadbury in 2005. European favorites like Milka, Cadbury, Carte D’Or and Toblerone are also owned by Mondelez. The company has faced accusations of failing to source its cacao properly, leading to widespread deforestation in Ghana and Ivory Coast. It also donated millions to successfully block a 2012 California state ballot initiative that would have required labeling of GMO products.

So beware, as even something like Green & Black’s can be a better choice for you, it can still be the wrong choice for our world. Your money is your vote.

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Mondelez Chocolate Brands Infographic - Craft Sense











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