Craft Sense Holiday Pairing: Chocolate and Cannabis Strain

Chocolate and the holidays are always a perfect pair, but have you tried adding cannabis to your annual treat? Chocolate and cannabis can be the perfect combination to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Day.

A quick note on cannabis consumption

While we think edibles are the way to go, we still want to support people who put in so much care for their cannabis plant. These people put in the time and care to create a special terpene profile. As a matter of fact, terpenes are the aromatic chemical compounds found in most plants, from lavender, to hops, to chamomile.

A great supplier is Flow Kana. They are a collective of craft cannabis farmers. Their craft cannabis products are sustainable, outdoor grown, and organic. Furthermore, they are also using their profits to support farmers in Mendocino, California who were affected by the fires in 2017.

While your mode of consumption is entirely up to you, the best way to get the most out of your cannabis is with a vaporizer. On that note, Check out Pax, a great company that offers high quality vaporizers. When you smoke instead of vape, your cannabis is overheated. At the same time, you’re inhaling burnt air into your lungs. Smoking can also damage many flavorful and useful compounds in cannabis.

Thank you for reading this far, here are Craft Sense’s Favorite Chocolate and Cannabis pairings:

Chocolate Cannabis Pairing 1:

Canna Tsu + Zotter Peru “Criollo Cuvée” 82%

For newcomers to cannabis, this combination is the way to go.  Zotter’s  Peru “Criollo Cuvée” 82% bar uses a particular heirloom cacao. This gives the chocolate some bright berry notes, making it the perfect complement to the cannabis strain known as Canna Tsu. When we think of holiday dinners, we think herbs, spices, and pine on a citrus palate. Canna Tsu has all of that in its terpene profile and is a high CBD hybrid strain.

With that said, you can enjoy the chocolate with a mellow, euphoric high. Moreover, you can taste the fruity notes from your chocolate and the spicy and piney notes from your cannabis. What makes this chocolate and cannabis pairing even more great is the smooth mouth-feel of Zotter’s Labooko chocolate. Zotter of Austria, like many European craft chocolate makers, include cocoa butter in their bars. Cocoa butter gives chocolate that silky, melt-in-your-mouth texture.

Chocolate and Cannabis Pairing 2:

Gorilla Glue #4 Dick Taylor Madagascar 72%

The cacao beans of Madagascar have redefined the spectrum of flavors many though possible from chocolate. Specifically, the Madagascar chocolate’s tart, juicy notes were a big step away from conventional chocolate. Notably, many craft chocolatier point to Madagascar as the source of chocolate’s true taste. Our favorite Madagascar bar is made by the good folks at Dick Taylor Chocolates in California. Their 72% Sambirano bar made with the prized cacao from Bertil Akesson’s legendary farm brings out the best in these beans.

To pair this chocolate and cannabis, we find this Madagascar chocolate to go particularly well with Gorilla Glue #4 (or any Gorilla Glue variety for that matter). This pairing slows down time and really allows you to savor those notes of raspberry and citrus.

Gorilla Glue #4, an Indica-dominant Hybrid, is named after its ability to glue the user to the couch. A great treat after a long week, Gorilla Glue has a nice earthy scent and a deeply relaxing balance. Unwrap a little chocolate and treat yourself to a staycation right in your living room with your loved ones. Furthermore, what makes this chocolate and cannabis pairing even more appropriate is the fact that both the chocolate and cannabis may have been produced very close to each other, as Dick Taylor Chocolate is based in Humboldt County, California, part of the famed Emerald Triangle cannabis growing region.

Chocolate and Cannabis Pairing 3:

Tangie Lillie Belle Farms Venezuela 75%

If you prefer to take your cannabis earlier in the day, then the Tangie strain is perfect for maintaining a sense of calm without losing focus. With a sweet, citrus tang, Tangie is a Sativa that will keep you happy throughout the day. With this in mind, we recommend Purple Tangie. It is our favorite riff on the popular Tangie strain and first place winner in the “Best Medical Sativa Concentrate” category at the 2016 High Times Cannabis Cup.

Last but not least, pair your Tangie with Lillie Belle Farms Venezuela 75%. Venezuelan cacao is prized for its high-quality beans. For instance, Lillie Belle’s chocolate features deep, earthy and roasty notes prove the perfect complement to the sharper, brighter tones of the Tangie.

Chocolate and Cannabis TL:DR

In conclusion, here is Craft Sense’s craft chocolate and cannabis Holiday Pairing

  1. Zotter Peru “Criollo Cuvée” 82% + Canna Tsu (CBD alternative Love & Hope)
  2. Dick Taylor Madagascar 72% + Gorilla Glue #4
  3. Lillie Belle Farms Venezuela 75% + Tangie

Enjoy responsibly, and check out our US cannabis legality map to see whether you can buy your cannabis. In the light of cannabis being such a new industry, not all dispensaries or delivery services carry the same strains, best to check before you go buy.