Top 3 Holiday Craft Beer Picks 2017

As the holidays approach, it’s time to find out more about different types of holiday craft beer. Many of us begin to turn our attention to the festivities and how to make this year special. Choosing the right products to complement those get-togethers with loved ones is important. From chocolate and cannabis to craft beer, Craft Sense has you covered. Our Holiday Pairings and Recommendation series help you sort through the proliferation of holiday-themed products. We will hone in on the goods that are unique, responsibly produced AND delicious. Cause that’s what craft is all about.

Without further ado, here are our Top 3 Picks for Holiday Craft Beer for the end of 2017

Evil Twin – Imperial Biscotti Break (Imperial Porter)

As the temperature drops, our bodies naturally crave something rich, thick and sweet. That’s why many of us are drawn to those infamously heavy holiday treats. Evil Twin’s craft beer will satisfy in that same way and is a good substitute for gorging on dessert over the holidays. Evil Twin, the creation of some gypsy-brewing Danes, brings the wonderful combination of biscotti and coffee to beer. Yeah, it sounds like it could go horribly wrong, but it actually goes so right. A hint of coffee bitterness to balance the sweet almond flavors of a biscotti go perfectly with Evil Twin’s “imperial” (that means higher alcohol) porter. Save a little room after dinner for your craft beer and pour yourself a glass of Evil Twin’s Imperial Biscotti Break.

Sierra Nevada – Narwhal Imperial Stout

Sierra Nevada is the US’s seventh largest brewery by volume. That’s huge by craft beer standards. But that doesn’t mean they’re bad. In fact, Sierra Nevada is good. Sierra Nevada have a great environmental record, winning Green Business of the Year award from the US Environmental Protection Agency in 2010. Oh yeah, Sierra Nevada also makes great craft beer not only for the holidays. Sierra Nevada’s Narwhal, is satisfyingly smooth, roasty, malty and boozy. Sound like enough? It’s usually not too hard to find, being stocked regularly in supermarkets and liquor stores throughout much of the country. If you’ve already had Sierra Nevada, try a new take on the Narwhal base with their Cocoa and Coconut Barrel-Aged version. See here for more about barrel-aged beers while you’re here since they are perfect for this season!

Epic Brewing & The Commons – Common Interest Honeydew Sour

This craft beer is a drastic departure from our other recommendations for the season during the holidays. Maybe more of a festive, end-of-year tribute than dinner accompaniment, as you can toast to – or wish good riddance to 2017. The Common Interest Honeydew Sour would be appropriate for whatever reason you raise your glass on New Years’, not least because this is Portland-based The Commons Brewing’s last beer. Literally there is it, the last one from Commons that closed permanently on November 11th.  This collaboration with the Colorado-branch of Epic Brewing, marries Oregon wheat with Colorado honeydew melons to create a tart, fragrant sour that hides it’s 7.4% ABV fairly well. Hell, this craft beer could even be a champagne-substitute for your toast.


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