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Craft Beer Infographic: “Craft” Beer Owned by AB Inbev

AB Inbev is the product of decades of consolidation in the big beer industry. This “craft” beer infographic breaks it down for you. This behemoth accounts for about 30% of all beer sales in the world.

Infographic Breakdown

This is the brewer of Budweiser, Stella Artois, Corona (outside the US), Beck’s, Miller, Michelob and many, many more. AB InBev also owns many national breweries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. This company epitomizes Big Beer. In a recent buying spree, they have acquired craft breweries in most major markets in the US and the UK. The most recent acquisition is of the popular London-based Camden Town Brewery. We created a craft beer infographic to show exactly this.

AB InBev has already begun using their sway (read: money, or what they call “incentives”) with distributors to promote their brands at the expense of craft brewers. The giant has also been accused of buying last year’s entire crop of South African hops. This is to keep this coveted ingredient out of the hands of other, smaller breweries. Many independent bars and shops have stopped selling AB InBev “craft” brands in an attempt to fight back. The fight continues…

But first, we need to be aware of which of these brands are truly craft. Click this craft beer infographic below to find out.

AB Inbev Map Infographic - Craft Sense








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