6 Things To Do When Cannabis Gets You Too High

Did you eat edibles or consume cannabis products and got too high? We’ve been too high also, here are our tips to help you feel better fast! 

First off, if you get too high from cannabis, know that you’ll be fine. Your body will always metabolize cannabis, even though you might not feel that way when you’re too high. How can we be so sure? Well, it’s scientifically proven that you cannot overdose on cannabis. It’s only unpleasant, easily remedied and certainly not life-threatening. Being too high is temporary.

Unlike alcohol or prescription drugs, cannabis cannot shut down your respiratory or cardiovascular systems. There are relatively few cannabinoid receptors in the lower brain stem, which is the area of the brain as the controls vital functions. This why the oft-quoted “no one ever died from overdosing on weed” is actually true. Now that basic survival is not an issue, let’s focus on to do to get your feeling better ASAP if you do get too high. Here’s 6 easy and quick things you can do when you feel too high, and bring that high down to an enjoyable level:

1. Deep Breathing

Take 5 deep breaths in and out. Close your eyes while you do it to help calm your mind. Try to concentrate on your breath. If it helps, keep going. Cannabis has been used in meditation and religious ceremonies for thousands of years.

2. Lie down

Be sure to lie on your side, not on your back. This prevents your blood pressure from dropping too much.

3. Water and Food

Edibles can do well with some complementary foods, so have a bite of something to eat and a drink of water. This helps dilute the cannabis if you’ve ingested it. Try some citrus fruits. Vitamin C helps and oranges were originally recommended over 1,000 years ago in Persia as a remedy for the effects of too much cannabis. Terpenes are also credited with the counter-acting effects to get you back down to earth after getting too high.

4. CBD

Our friend, cannabidiol or CBD, another key component of cannabis, is here to help, as it counteracts the effects of THC. Try something that’s fast-acting like a sublingual drop or oral spray for fast relief, as anything edible (that doesn’t dissolve in your mouth) will take longer to take effect. We like what they sell at Octavia Wellness the most. 

5. Peppercorns

Chew a couple of whole peppercorns. Not only is this a tasty, spicy treat, it is an effective way of bringing the high down. Legendary musician Neil Young recommends it, so take it from someone who knows a thing or two about being little too high!

6. Friends

Find someone to be with you who can help you and provide support if you get too high. Do not try to get yourself anywhere without a friend. You may owe them, but that’s what friends are for!

BTW it was an edible, right? Gotta be careful with dosage and especially with edibles, as they can send you into orbit. Edibles can often magnify the effects of THC and other components of cannabis, so it’s always best to go slow, many folks get too high because they don’t wait long enough after their first dose before having more. For more on managing edibles and how not to get too high, check out our guide to cannabis edibles here






The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook: Feel-Good Food for Home Cooks by Robyn Griggs Lawrence