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Portland Travel Guide

Portland Travel Guide

We heart PDX. Here we share some of our favorite places for coffee, beer, cannabis and chocolate in Portland!

Ah Portland, the capital of Hipsterdom and all the great things that come with it, including some of our favorites: coffee, cannabis and beer. This makes it probably our favorite city in the country.  Unsurprisingly you’ll find excellent options for all three of these delicious products and even some great local chocolate thrown in. Where to start?   

Let’s start with coffee…

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Proud Mary

This Melbourne Australia-based chain’s first outpost outside of Oz is in the Alberta district of Portland. These guys knew what they were up against and are upping the coffee game in a town where it’s already strong. What does that mean? That means bringing in specialty beans, roasting them onsite and doing special events around exceptional beans direct from the farmers. Plus, they often have a what they call a “showcase” where they will do flights of coffees where you can really taste different varietals, processing methods, and terroir.

Recently, we had an amazing espresso flight of three different varietals from the same farm, called Finca Hartmann, in Panama. Many tastings focus on similar or the same varietals from different origins in order to taste the terroir. On the contrary, this tasting put the focus on the differences in the coffee varietals rather than the terroir. The flight featured three coffee varietals: Catui/Caturra, Maragogipe, and the famous Geisha. All three were excellent, even the Maragogipe, which is normally grown in Brazil and not typically that highly regarded. The best was of course, the Geisha, with its delicate tea-like floral notes of rose and jasmine. Having only opened in mid-2017, the place is the new kid on the block, and has just set the bar for coffee in a city known for it.

Trailhead Coffee and Ranger Chocolate

This cafe is attached to the Trailhead coffee roastery and Ranger chocolate factory, with large open windows that put both production processes on display. Aside from a nicely-roasted coffees, they offer a range of Ranger chocolates made on site, including two and three pound slabs for those heavy-users.

Extracto Roasters

Tucked away in the Northeast along NE Killingsworth and NE 30th Ave, Extracto is all that you want from a coffee shop. In-house roasting of delicious house blends and exotic single-origins expertly served in a spacious, casual setting.


It seems like there is a brewery on every corner in Portland – and that’s not too far off. For a city renowned for it’s concentration of high-quality breweries, it’s hard to narrow them down to a few with so many new ones popping up. Even breweries like Deschutes and Rogue that aren’t actually from Portland have tap rooms in the city to tap the demands of beer-thirsty Portlanders.

Great Notion

Located on the main drag in the Alberta Arts District, Great Notion makes great beer. These guys specialize in only the trendiest styles, namely Hazy IPAs and sours. They do both superbly. Come for the beer, stay for the lumberjack-themed taproom and sunny outdoor seating. Don’t miss this place.

Cascade Brewing Barrel House

One of the first craft breweries specializing in sours, Cascade is a legend. Their tap room is a real treat featuring an ever-rotating selection of barrel-aged and vintage beers, as well as newer creations. See if you can catch a keg tapping ceremony – or better yet see if you can catch any of their fresh hop beers during hop harvest season in September/October for some of the best beers anywhere.


Although centrally located on the Eastside, Culmination can be a bit hard to find. But once you’re there, you’re glad you made the effort to find it. These guys seem to excel at whatever style they put their minds to. From golden stouts to sours and fresh hopped (when in season), you literally can’t go wrong at Culmination. 


A state-of-the-art taproom where beer geeks can nerd out not only on the high-quality, innovative beer selection, but also on the set-up with stainless steel, specially-cooled lines and a host of other awesome equipment. The beer equivalent of the La Marzocco interactive flagship and cafe in Seattle, LABrewatory is the showroom for Portland Kettle Works, a brewery equipment manufacturer. At LABrewatory brings brewing talent to its equipment and the result is fantastic. You’ll never have the same beer twice here, since every brew is unique and experimental.


You can pretty much go anywhere in Portland and ask your budtender for the cleanest flower and get something good. That makes specific recommendations hard, but here a few places we like to get yourself some good cannabis.

Thurman Street Collective

Set in a historic building that feels like your stylish hippie aunt’s place is one of the most friendly, well-stocked dispensaries in town. The recent cutting down of two large trees in front of the building, changed the feel of the place, but the staff and selection are still on point. A fridge for cannabis fresh edibles and drinkables as well as a wide range of vapes and flowers.

Home Grown Apothecary & Dispensary

This organic-only dispensary carries only the cleanest product along with a variety of other non-cannabis herbal infusions. Their attention to quality and sustainability make them standout. Great central Eastside location.