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Montreal Travel Guide

Montreal Travel Guide

For being the second largest Francophone city in the world, Montreal feels distinctly un-French. In a good way. People are extremely friendly, which is one reason why immigrants from France – both French and foreign-born – have been making their way there in recent years. Oh yeah, it’s also better because there is much more of a coffee and craft beer scene here than in Paris – or perhaps anywhere else in the French-speaking world.

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La Finca

This unassuming little cafe has the best coffee in town and welcoming, enthusiastic staff. They used an excellent single-origin Ethiopia for all their drinks when we were there. Order at the counter then they bring you your drinks. Each time we went they rushed right over with the espresso to be sure it was served within seconds of pouring. It’s that attention to detail and it’s excellent coffee that make this our top pick.


One of the older roasters in Montreal that has decent beans and several locations around town.


Pub Pit Caribou

This place is all about local and as authentic as they come. This is the Montreal location of a Gaspe (northeastern Quebec) brewery that only stocks supplies from this remote area of Canada. Great selection of Quebec craft brews – and even vodkas and local fare!