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Miami Travel Guide

Until only a few years ago, Miami was almost entirely devoid of any decent third wave coffee or craft beer options. Thankfully that has changed dramatically in recent years. The increase of good coffee and beer coincided with the rise of the Wynwood arts district – which is your best bet for finding quality libations.


Panther Coffee

The first and still the best third wave coffee place in Miami with locations in Wynwood, Miami Beach and Coconut Grove. Despite the fact that they never mix up their options, blast the AC to polar levels at their Miami Beach location, and are years behind schedule on opening up their Upper East Side, their coffee is very good. Both their West Coast and East Coast blends are great options, as is their cold brew.

Cream Parlor

Although they don’t advertise it, they serve decent locally-roasted coffee in addition to their award-winning ice cream. When we visited they had a single-estate coffee that hit the spot. 

Las Olas Cafe and El Cristo

Definitely not third wave, but certainly something to try when in Miami. Get a colada – basically the most concentrated, sugary coffee you’ve ever had. Available at streetside takeaway counters at pretty much any Cuban restaurant, this is muy autentico. Each colada is served in a styrofoam cup with tiny plastic shot glasses. This is an indication not to drink the entire thing yourself, but to portion it out to you and several friends.


J. Wakefield Brewing

Located in the heart of the Wywnood, at a Star Wars-themed taproom adorned with murals from local artists, are some of the best beers in the Southeast. Renowned home-brewer Jon Wakefield returned to his native Miami to open his brewery in January 2015. With collaborations with Stone, New Belgium and even Sweden’s Omnipollo under his belt, Wakefield continues to brew delicious, innovative beers with special focus on the sour Berlinerweisse style infused with tropical fruits that have become his hallmark.

M.I.A Brewing Company

Located in Doral, which is well off the path for most visitors to the Miami-area, is M.I.A Brewing. Their taproom has a fantastic selection of guest taps and bottles in addition to their own signatures such as the Miami Weiss wheat beer.