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Denver Travel Guide

Denver Travel Guide

Denver has a been inundated in recent year for those seeking a “Rocky Mountain high”. Colorado’s ground-breaking legalization of marijuana in 2012 set off a chain-reaction that has spread from Maine to California. However, there’s a lot more to the Mile High City of Denver than just the proliferation of cannabis. Great coffee and beer spots abound. We’ve selected a few here:

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Huckleberry Roasters

Huckleberry’s so hipster it is has purposely missing letters in it’s name the outside of its cafe. Located Northwest of downtown Denver, this signage was our first indication the coffee was going to be good. We were not disappointed. The coffee was excellent and the staff very welcoming and knowledgeable. They serve their espresso with a neatly-folded, brightly-colored napkin. Nice touch.

Little Owl Coffee (Middle State Roasters)

This small cafe located in downtown Denver serves up Middle State Coffee that’s really very good. Friendly folks and a few nice outdoor seats round this place out quite well.

Commonwealth Roasters

Located out of town in a light industrial area east of downtown Denver is Commonwealth Roasters. A small 3-person operation, their cafe is more tap room than coffee shop, as they roast just a few feet away in the small warehouse space. Keep an eye out for the commonwealth logo on the vintage khaki green colored van out front.

Commonwealth Roasters Denver - Craft Sense Travel


Cerebral Brewing

A beer geek and science nerd’s wet dream. Shelves have beer, books and beakers. With a city known for the proliferation of high-quality small brewers, Cerebral stands out from it’s branding and brewing. When we visited they had numerous tasty, juicy IPAs on tap, including a delicious collaboration with Almanac Brewing, a Craft Sense favorite from San Francisco.

Station 26 Brewing

This brewery gets its name from the old fire station in East Denver which houses it. These guys are always brewing up interesting brews in it’s pleasant and spacious taproom. When we were visited we enjoyed a few lighter beers including a mango habanero Berliner Weisse.

Park & Co

This burger and beer joint just outside downtown Denver has a great tap list. We got lucky as they had a few special draughts left over from the beer festival that were extraordinary. Their normal tap list is also good. Great option in a cool area.


Like most big cities in legalized states, there’s no shortage of places to get some decent herb. With Denver being the first large city to legalize, there are many options. There are even sizeable chain dispensaries. Being the first to legalize, Colorado’s cannabis branding scene is more developed and you can find brands from famous stoner celebrities like Snoop and Willie Nelson. Here are the larger, more consistent dispensaries:

(who even have a dispensary in Oregon, as well)