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Cincinnati Travel Guide

Cincinnati often gets a bad rap. It’s professional sports teams are on historic losing streaks and much of it’s industry appears in decline. However, who cares about that stuff? It’s got a good vibe and has a lot to offer. We were surprised to find so many breweries. Coffee selection was a bit thin, but we were happy with what we found. Here are our picks.

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Deeper Roots

Deeper Roots is one of the only third wave places in Cincinnati that roasts their own beans. And they do a fabulous job. Their cafe located in the trendy Over-the-Rhine neighborhood serves up single-origins from exotic locations like Papua New Guinea and even Galapagos (we’re still checking on the sustainability of coffee from the Galapagos, btw).


Urban Artifact

Located in an old church north of downtown Cincinnati, Urban Artifact is a standout, but not for it’s location. In fact, there are other breweries located in old churches – like Taft’s Ale House. Apparently it’s a thing in Cincinnati. In any case, Urban Artifact is a standout because of it’s beer. It’s good. Very good. And it brews a wide variety. Live music every night of the week makes this place a must-visit.


The biggest brewery in the city by far is Rhinegeist. Despite it’s size and creepy KKK-like logo, this place is worth a visit. The sheer size of it’s cavernous taproom is almost worth the visit alone. Thankfully they brew up good beers. Our favorite when we visited was a nitro raspberry sour. Smooth and tart.



Conveniently located in Findlay Market (and only a few steps away from Deeper Roots Coffee) is Cincinnati’s own bean-to-bar chocolate maker. A recent Good Food Awards-winner, Maverick uses well-sourced cacao from the likes of Maya Mountain. Recently they released a Big Island bar made from cacao from Hawaii, making Maverick one of the first non-Hawaiian chocolate makers to use Hawaiian cacao.