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Beirut Travel Guide

Beirut Travel Guide

Beirut, Lebanon’s capital, is an exciting city renowned for it’s resilience and a famous party-scene. Not firmly on many people’s travel lists, this ancient city has a lot to offer – including some great coffee.

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Like most Mediterranean towns, Beirut has a strong coffee culture with a mix of big chains and independent spots. The latter have been growing in recent years and newer brews feature lighter roasts and some mix old and new with single-origin Middle Eastern-style coffees on offer in some places.

Kalei Coffee Company

Tucked away in a shady patio off of Armenia Street in the trendy Mar Mikhael district is Kalei Coffee. They roasts its own beans onsite and have a great selection of beans. We had a single-origin espresso that rivaled any third wave place in larger cities. They also have their house-roasted beans available by the bag. Don’t miss this oasis.

Café Younes

This local chain does a good job keeping up with coffee trends. It has been roasting and serving for over 80 years and is an institution in Beirut. A large menu of beans and styles is available, though their house espressos tend to be on the traditionally dark side. Try one of their single-origin or blend Middle-Eastern style coffees.



Beirut’s local brews are mostly light pilsners. However, there is Colonel, the only craft brewery in Lebanon. You can find their beers on tap at some places in Beirut or at their taproom in the northern city of Batroun.