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  • Style Profile: Berliner Weisse

    Style Profile: Berliner Weisse

    Berliner Weisse is a sour wheat beer that’s technically only produced in Berlin. Napoleon once called it “the Champagne of the North”. While there are plenty of breweries throughout the world that make this style, true Berliner Weisse beer is brewed solely by two small Berlin breweries, Berliner Kindl and Schultheiss. Berliner Weisse History Though…

  • Beer Style Profile: Gose

    Beer Style Profile: Gose

    Sour beers have recently become popular and breweries are coming out with more sour beer options to keep up with demand. As brewers explore new styles, they have begun to revisit older, traditional styles. Gose (not to be confused with the Belgian lambic style “gueze”),  is one kind of traditional sour beer that has recently…