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Monthly Picks: July

Each month, Craft Sense showcases our favorite craft products in each of the categories we cover: coffee, cannabis, food and drinks. We hope you enjoy supporting these small-batch producers as much as we do! Please enjoy responsibly. 🙂

Pachamama Ethiopia Kossa Geshe

Why We Like this: Pachamama is owned by a group of cooperatives of coffee farmers from five different countries. It’s a truly remarkable company that’s redefining the industry. Their Ethiopia Kossa Geshe is a deserved Good Food Award winner from this year’s contest. It is also one of the top coffees we’ve tried all year. Don’t miss this one.

Ingredients: single-origin coffee beans

Source: Ethiopia

Absolute Xtracts Cannabis Soft Gels

Why We Like This: Convenient and effective. These gel caps hit the spot. Made from sungrown, sustainable California cannabis, they’re all you need in an edible. No sugar, no additives, nothing. Just coconut oil, gelatin and the good stuff. A word of caution, though: these little guys can be strong and can even take effect many hours (like 4+ hours) later. Enjoy responsibly and carefully. Even the lowest dose at 10mg a cap pack a punch. Be careful and confirm dosage before buying, as the packaging for 10mg, 25mg, 50mg and 100mg caps are all identical, which can be confusing.

Ingredients: Sustainable sungrown cannabis oil, coconut oil, gelatin

Source: California

Original Beans – 75% Peru

Why We Like This: Amsterdam-based Original Beans is one of the most transparent and sustainable bean-to-bar chocolate makers. They create amazing chocolate from some of the most extraordinary beans in the world. We are partial to their bars made from beans grown in Peru’s Piura Valley. They get some delicious bright, fruity notes from this cacao.

Ingredients: Organic cacao and organic cane sugar

Source: Peru

Urban Artifact – The Gadget

Why We Like This:  With the height of summer upon us, there is perhaps no better brew than Urban Artifact’s Gadget. Brewed with literally tons of Midwestern raspberries and blackberries then soured to perfection with a hint of vanilla, this beer is top notch. Be careful though, as its deceptively smooth, clocking in north of 8% ABV.

Ingredients: Malt, hops, wheat, 1,260lbs Blackberries, 1,260lbs raspberries, and 30g Vanilla Bean per 30BBL batch, wild yeasts

Source: Cincinnati, Ohio