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Monthly Picks

Each month, Craft Sense showcases our favorite craft products in each of the categories we cover: coffee, cannabis, food and drinks. We hope you enjoy supporting these small-batch producers as much as we do! Please enjoy responsibly. ūüôā

Cat and Cloud – El Salvador

Why We Like this: 

It tastes like a dark chocolate covered caramel. This coffee bean is ethically-sourced by Cat and Cloud in Santa Cruz. These guys know their coffee, you can’t go wrong.

Ingredients: single-origin coffee beans

Source: Finca Mauricio, Apaneca Highlands, El Salvador

Somatik Cold Brew

Why We Like This: We can’t tell you enough how much we LOVE this product. It’s ethically sourced, made in small batches with love, carefully dosed to bring you a consistent cannabis product. Partnering with Ritual coffee, the founders put a lot of care in bringing a top of the class product for you as both a coffee product, and a cannabis product. Somatik’s humor is on the label of the drink – showing how much you should dose to feel the intended effect.

Ingredients:¬†Ritual Coffee Roasters’ single origin coffee beans, THC-isolate

Source: Los Gigantes Colombia

Big Island Coffee’s Hawaiian Coffee Bar

Why We Like This:  Good chocolate bars are usually two-ingredient bars: cacao and cane sugar. There are three-ingredient bars out there that add cocoa butter for a more enjoyable mouth feel, where the smooth chocolate melts in your mouth. Big Island Coffee Roasters decided to take out the cacao and replace that with espresso made from their own coffee farm! Yes it is as interesting and delicious as it sounds. Try it. They run out quick because everyone loves this product.

Ingredients: Espresso, cocoa butter, cane sugar, salt, and soy lecithin

Source: Big Island, Hawaii

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Brouwerij West Starfish IPA

Why We Like This: Brouwerij West always brews a good hazy IPA. This one is nice and juicy and double dry-hopped with Chinook and Centennial. A touch of oats adds a satisfying smoothness.

Ingredients: 6.8%. Mecca Grade Estate Barley, Raw Spelt, Raw Oats, Raw Rye, and double dry-hopped with Centennial and Chinook.