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Monthly Picks: May

Each month, Craft Sense showcases our favorite craft products in each of the categories we cover: coffee, cannabis, food and drinks. We hope you enjoy supporting these small-batch producers as much as we do! Please enjoy responsibly. ūüôā

Proud Mary

Why We Like this:¬†Proud Mary is doing great things. This Ozzie export normally features “showcases” of different beans at their Portland cafe. They don’t roast a lot of African beans, but when they do, it’s always good. This natural process has delicious notes of fermented stone fruits.

Ingredients: single-origin coffee beans

Source: Ethiopia

Flow Kana – Love & Hope

Why We Like This:¬†Flow Kana does everything right. They produce excellent quality, sustainable grown cannabis from Northern California’s Emerald triangle. Their strain Love & Hope is a delicious indica that is a cross between Emerald Heart Farms‚Äô Lebanese Love Bomb and Hope Springs Perma Pharm‚Äôs Hope Springs OG. This provides a warming, euphoric high.

Ingredients: Sun-grown cannabis indica 

Source: Mendocino County, CA

Ritual Chocolate 75% Mexico

Why We Like This:  Ritual Chocolate is a bean-to-bar chocolate maker out of Utah. We enjoy much of what they make, but were particularly impressed with the new bar made from Mexican beans. Mexico is a a fairly rare origin. These particular beans are from the Soconusco region that borders Guatemala in southern state of Chiapas. Bright, fruity notes typically associated with some Peruvian or Madagascan origin shine through and make this a very special bar.

Ingredients: Cacao, organic cane sugar and organic cocoa butter

Source: Mexico

Anchorage Brewing – Anadromous

Why We Like This:

This one is intense. Dark, sour with lots going on. We got notes of wine (from the aging in French Oak Pinot Noir barrels) and chocolate along with the satisfying acidity from this black ale from Alaska. With the weather warming up, we recommend grabbing this one to have on one of the last cool evenings or even stashing in your basement until the fall. This beer will definitely age well for up to a couple of years.

Ingredients: Malt, barely, wheat, Summit hops

Source: Anchorage, Alaska