Chcemex vs Hario v60

Pour Over Coffee: Chemex vs Hario V60

Chemex vs Hario V60

Pour over coffee is quickly growing in popularity. Pour over coffee allows the user to control more factors of the brewing process, resulting in a more unique (arguably better) cup of coffee.

Two of the most popular pour over coffee makers are the Chemex vs Hario V60. To help determine the best coffee maker, we’ll be looking at ease of use, brew time, and overall coffee quality.

Ease of Use

Of course, pour over coffee makers are not going to be as easy to use as push button options. Yet when comparing the Chemex vs Hario V60, one just barely wins this category.

When it comes to setup and use, both the Chemex and the Hario V60 are fairly similar. To use a Chemex, insert the filter and coffee grounds, and then slowly pour hot water over the top. Pro tip: place the side with 3 folds of the Chemex coffee filter against the snout, so that the filter paper doesn’t collapse and block the pour over coffee.

Using a Hario V60 requires the same procedure except its filter is slightly different and you will need to place the Hario V60 on a cup or carafe. The factor that makes the Hario V60 a better option in this category is its cleaning ease.

The attached carafe on the Chemex can make it trickier to clean. Plus, the Chemex only comes in delicate glass while the Hario V60 offers other options, like metal and plastic.

Brew Time

The brew speed for these types of coffee makers directly correlates to the coffee grind and the user’s pour rate. Coffee grounds that are too fine might clog the filter, causing the brew time to decrease.

By controlling these variables, the Hario V60 also wins this category. The Hario V60 has a larger hole at the bottom and a thinner filter, which leads to a brew time of as little as two to three minutes.

Coffee Quality

There are numerous factors associated with pour over coffee methods that can greatly affect the final result.  For instance, coffee ground size, water temperature, and pour speed can hugely impact coffee taste.

The Chemex uses a thicker filter and while that does result in an overall smoother cup of coffee, it also allows for many distinct tastes to be filtered out. For this reason, the Hario V60 wins the flavor category.

The Hario V60 seems to be our clear favorite. Yet don’t let that stop you from experimenting with both – pour over coffee methods are exciting processes that you can really tailor to suit your personal coffee preferences.  Check out this infographic on different brewing methods.