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Our Mission

Craft Sense is dedicated to spotlighting high-quality foods and beverages from producers who put in the time to perfect their craft. We identify these craftsmen and women who employ sustainable agricultural and fair labor practices. Craft Sense’s mission is to provide a guide for the conscious consumer to learn and discover products from craft producers. We aim to cover all types of craft products and pay special attention to coffee, chocolate, cannabis, beer, and more.

Why Craft?

We want to empower the people who invest their time to perfect their craft to bring us the best food and drinks. Craft food and drinks are better for us, those who produce them, and our environment. Whether it be chocolate, coffee, cannabis or olive oil, making better products are the core of what craft producers do. Unfortunately, many “traditional” food and beverage products are made by mega-corporations that mass produce unhealthy and unpalatable products that support a system of exploitation. However, we believe that craft producers can thrive in the face of these powerful incumbents and we aim to help. Thankfully there has been an explosion in the number of craft food and beverage producers in recent years. However, the sheer number of options now available can be mind-boggling. We help conscious consumers hone in on the best of the craft movement.

Buy Local

Visiting farmer’s markets and buying local foods are now commonplace as we know this to be more healthful, delicious, and sustainable practice. This renaissance of all things local and craft has allowed millions of us to reconnect with what we consume, and the people who make it.

However, what about those food and drinks that are not grown locally –  like coffee, cacao, and cannabis?

These products are often grown a world away, and depend on a lengthy and an opaque supply chain. Exploitation and degradation are still rampant in these industries. Thankfully, craft producers who have a different set of values and motivation to ensure better business practices. We focus on craft producers that develop personal relationships with their suppliers while creating delicious products. It’s the global version of your farmer’s market. We shine a light on these craft products and the good people behind them.